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Volunteer Program

The Lodge welcomes volunteers from diverse backgrounds and skills to enrich our shelter and outreach programs. All skill levels are welcome and volunteers work in all aspects of our programs including: clerical tasks, community education, outreach support, crisis intervention and our children’s program, and Purple Moose Camp. Please click here for a list of individual and group volunteer opportunities List of Opportunities.  If you do not see the volunteer opportunity that interests you, let us know about your interests and skills.  

All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application, attend a one hour orientation and obtain a criminal background clearance which includes fingerprinting prior to becoming a volunteer. There is a $24.00 processing fee for the criminal background check and an additional $1.00 fee for online payment. Volunteers who wish to work with adults or children will also be scheduled for a 30-hour core competency training to prepare them to work with victims. 

Once your application has been completed contact the volunteer coordinator for an upcoming volunteer orientation and core competency training if applicable. Pursuant to Florida Statute, please note that the shelter is a confidential location. Therefore, volunteer orientation and core competency training must be scheduled prior to visiting our location.

Download Adobe Reader if you have difficulty viewing the Volunteer Opportunities or Volunteer Application Packet.

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Application Process

To complete a volunteer application online

  • Complete the Volunteer Application Packet online.
  • You will recieve a fingerprint card by mail and follow Fingerprint Instructions below.
  • Submit your $24.00 payment to cover the cost of the criminal background check and $1.00 processing fee via PayPal or credit card. Click on the button below to pay online.

To complete a volunteer application by mail

  • Download, complete, and print our Volunteer Application Packet from the website.
  • Email the volunteer coordinator letting us know that you would to submit an application by mail and join the volunteer team at
  • Follow Fingerprint Instructions below.
  • Include your application, fingerprint card and a $24.00 check or money order, payable to Victim Response, Inc., (please add on the memo portion Volunteer Background Check) to cover the cost of the criminal background check and mail to the self-addressed envelope that Victim Response provided.


Fingerprinting Instructions

Victim Response will mail you a fingerprint card along with further instructions. Please take the fingerprint card and $5.00 to any Miami-Dade County Police substation to have your fingerprints taken.  Please visit the for locations and instructions. Mail the completed finger print card to the self-addressed envelope provided.

If you have any questions email us at


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